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15 Best Travel Guides in 2018 from Our 10 Years Travel Experience

Travel as Hobby

You may have lots of money and many gorgeous dresses in your wardrobe. But for building a fresh mind, you need to travel to visit the scenario of beautiful World. Today we are here to help you enjoy some travel tips. We have collected many memories from real life experiences after travelling months of the year. In this best travel guides, we would like to share the 20 years of experiences with you. So, I think you will enjoy it as experiences sharing is more interesting than general and average advice.

15 Best Travel Guides and Tips

Take More Time to Spend It in Few Places

While you are making a master plan for travelling, you should not decide to visit every place and do whatever you like in short amount of time. If you do so, you will just miss the taste of travelling, and also you will burn your money rapidly. It’s never a wise decision to finish visiting all the sweet corner of a whole country within few days. Don’t make the travelling a racing game! Apparently, it will be a horrible situation if you travel just seven states or countries in 7 weeks!

Keep Patience in Unexpected Situation

When travelling, patience is vitally crucial! You may face many unexpected and intolerable situation while moving from one place to another. But don’t be frustrated and hopeless. Just think it as an ordinary, natural and regular occurrence in your daily life. Suppose, you stack in a traffic jam. Now if you try to fly with the bust, it is quick impossible. So, all you need just keep patience in your mind whenever you face any terrible situation while travelling.

Don’t Forget Making a List of Useful Items

Approximately, a week or two so before each adventure, I make a draft of a mental collection of things I don’t desire to forget. The list may contain the essential items. I include those items on my draft list when I feel that I’m going to forget them to pick in my bag if I really don’t write down them. I believe that whenever something blows in our mind, we should write them down instantly. That’s a good practice, and I’ve learned it from a soft skill training class held at our university. Later gradually I will share many positive things step-by-step about building a good habit and strong soft skill which I’ve learned from that training.

Don’t Forget Making a List of Useful Items

Grow Your Language Skills

Before landing on the country which place you have selected to travel, learn some primary and ordinary language, phrase and short sentences. Those may be as simple as ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘how are you’ and other common phrases.


Learning those basic phrases, you can build up your communication skills with foreigners. I highly recommend you to use Google Translator for learning basic of an unknown language. That’s a fantastic tool launched by Google. Even you can learn by listening and speaking by one of the best voice detector feature available on the Google Translator app. So, I highly recommend you to give attention to learning primary language of the destination country of your travelling. Otherwise, you have to face some unexpected terrible situation in that country.

Keep a Power Bank for Battery Backup

While travelling, the most unexpected disturbing situation is suddenly being shutting down of your mobile phone or camera. You have captured some eye-catching, beautiful picture of you, and now you are attempting to share on Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram or somewhere else. You noticed that phone battery is getting down as low as 5%! Just imagine how disgusting situation that will be? Yesterday on 17 February 2018 I’d also the real-life experiences with this irritating situation. Fortunately, one of my friends, Sakib was carrying a power bank. Thus I escaped from that odd time. And finally, I enjoyed my social sharing with friends and family. So, always I suggest keeping one or two full-charged an extra battery in your bag. Alternatively, you can also carry a power bank. Naturally, I recommend those power bank which has minimum 10,000 milliamperes of capacity.

Inform Your Bank Account and Credit Card Providers:

While planning for a tour to outside your country, it is wise to inform your bank and credit card provider. Otherwise, noticing withdrawal of money from another place, they may take it as spam activity. And may put a shutter on your account. The gradual result is, you have to suffer in this issue. You may fall in monetary problem.

Divide Your Wallet:

Make your wallet two or more fragment. Keep them separate. In case of emergency or any unfavorable situation, this will keep you safe from sudden monetary loss. I always divide my cash and cards into three section and keep them in three separate pockets.

Be Respective to Other Cultures:

Visiting different tribes and nations is a part of travelling. Be open-minded and positive thinker. Every society has its own culture. You should respect their culture. Don’t judge whether it is funny to you. Go to a park and observe people’s vocal style, movement, behavior, and other literature. Sit down in the corner of a busy street and look over the foreign people. You will enjoy and learn something new from their daily lifestyle.

Respecting culture of others people is also the best travel guides

Keep Small First Aid Kit:

A small first aid toolkit should be compulsory in your luggage for an emergency situation. Try to manage at least necessary first aid materials like a bottle of Savlon, a piece of cotton, gauze bandage, antiseptic lotion, medications like paracetamol etc.

Buy Travel insurance:

Anytime and anywhere there may arise a medical emergency. Even, at the time of traveling, it may hamper you. A medical emergency can cut off your total budget. You can face an unexpected financial deficit. So it is a perfect idea to keep travel insurance that can protect you from these type of hazards. Travel the world for a year taking the benefit of travel insurance. Some travel agency can help you find the best travel insurance plan available around the world. 

Preplan Your Outfits:

Make a preplan of your outfits according to season and weather. Pack them in a bag. Before starting the tour, check your pack, and make sure all wanted gears you have. Put an extra set dress in your carry on.

Get Help from Local People:

Always ask for help from local people. In an unknown place, you should first contact with local tourism office. Give your contact details and address as well to the tourism office. While traveling through a jungle or forest, follow your travel guide. You also can keep a map with you for your help. Now, life is more comfortable than before. Google has developed a straightforward and co-operative guide for us that is Google map. You can find a place quickly using Google map. Where internet connection is unavailable, get help from a printed map of that place. You may also download the offline version of Google map of a specific area of the world. So, why will we miss the fantastic feature of the most popular app, Google map?

Get Help from People and Google Map

Back Up All Important Documents

Anything can happen anytime in your life. You may lose your important documents while travelling around the world. So one of my best travel tips is back up every necessary document to an external hard disk as well as internet backup software like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Cloud Backup of Microsoft etc. Scan your national ID card, passport, birth certificate, essential phone numbers, driving license, visa, travel insurance card, life insurance card, health insurance card and all the serial numbers associated with these cards. Now upload the digital copy of these relevant documents to your favorite online backup software. I use the best secure backup software Google Drive.

Keep Strong Confidence in You


If you try anything to do honestly and with bold confidence, you will never fail to get your expected result from your honest dedication to the task. You will get success; however, the work is hard to finish. Travel the world following this principle of success. Always keep in mind that everything is possible for a human if he/she try anything with honesty and strong confidence. Don’t hear from those people who say it’s never possible to do. Merely skip and avoid this these people. I just focus on my target, prove that it’s possible for me and finally show them that they were wrong with their thinking.

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