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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Company 2018

How Do We Make Web Host Review?

We review some most familiar and the best web hosting company from different available web hosting providers before creating our recommendations. We’ve checked their customer support quality by trying to reach them from their contact page or live support. Below you will discover our high reviewed & ranked, as well as the feedback from our regular readers. We’ll also provide you with some informative link from where you’ll be able to do fresh research on the different hosting company. We are committed to helping our readers like you to take the best brilliant decision before buying a suitable but affordable hosting plan for your business.

As A Business Owner, You Need Web Hosting

If you have a business, you have to answer this essential question: Does your company own a website? If it doesn’t, it should have and even in some cases, it is a mandatory part of the business. Naturally, on the web, companies require websites. It works like a magical machine of promotion and selling products or services. We are living in the age of the Internet. In this period, every business should have interconnectivity with the Web. Even a local restaurant like tea and coffee shop or a beauty parlor should be discoverable through the Internet. Recommendations via word of mouth just get you so far in the current age of the Internet. It definitely will take more time and effort to reveal your business in the targeted business zone.

Business must have a website and website should be hosted on the best web host company

Today people love to find new companies even regional market on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and Yandex search engines which allow it to be amazingly simple to discover products and services of the business, business hours, prices and other relevant feature. If a company doesn’t appear within the search results, especially in the first position, it’s going be difficult for targeted clients and customers to discover the business. As a result without having a website, you can’t make the desired profit from your company. Naturally, you don’t expect it in the cold brain, do you? On the other side, your business competitor will enjoy the benefit of having a smart website! Web Hosting is not only for business but also you may need to build a personal site for many reasons.

The initial step for building your existence in online is getting a web hosting, the provider which is going to store your website’s documents and files on its servers. The web host will send them to a targeted reader’s and customer’s web browsers. Website hosting services offer various amounts of yearly or monthly data storage, transfers, bandwidth, website builder, number of hosted domain/website and other facilities. The web host provider offers mainly two plans. One is monthly, and another is the yearly plan. Some web host company provides six months plan as well. So, according to your need, you can choose the best hosting plan for your business website. Some companies also offer reseller hosting services. By taking this service, you can also run hosting business. You can invite your customer to purchase hosting from you. The most exciting thing about buying a reseller hosting plan is that, without having your servers, you are a web hosting business owner!

You should have some knowledge about VPS (virtual private server), WordPress hosting, Shared and dedicated hosting plans. Each hosting plan has various features and spaces which you should analyze carefully. In this review article, I’m going to break them down step by step.

You Need To Consider Promotional Pricing

Many hosting providers offer a low starting price. But only starting customers are eligible for the initial low pricing offer. When you go to purchasing page, you’ll discover that unfortunately, the low starting price is applicable only if you prepay for a couple of years of the hosting plan to get the starting low price. Right after the promotional period, the regular renewal price of the same package may increase 2, 3 or sometimes even four times the starting promotional pricing. While the starting price might be surprising, the transferring cost of your site may be completely different than their initial offers. So, you must think of a hosting company while choosing that to host your website. You have to select a trustable hosting company that has a considerable reputation for many years. I will try you my best to help to find some trustworthy hosting company in this review article. So, should you continue to keep reading? Obviously, you should if you plan to get a reliable and affordable best hosting plan for your business.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is less expensive than VPS, Dedicated or WordPress hosting. I’m referring it as less expensive cause In a shared hosting your website shares spaces from a server. That means the same server contains multiple websites. If one website gets massive traffic hosted on the server, other sites will get the effect and may result in going slow down. So, the thing we like about shared hosting is that the cost is low. You may have to pay $10 or less per month for a shared hosting plan. But the thing we don’t like the shared hosting is your site will share spaces, bandwidth, CPU, memory like RAM from a server where other websites are hosted as well.

What is VPS Web Hosting?

VPS web hosting is also a kind of shared hosting. VPS hosting also stores multiple websites on a single server, and it’s only the similarity with shared hosting. The upside of VPS hosting is that the sites hosted on the same server have individual impacts because every website has its particular assets and resources. If one website gets massive traffic on it, there will be no adverse impact on other websites through all the websites are sharing the same server. A Virtual Private Server, VPS host stores few sites than shared hosting. That’s why the overall performance of a site hosted on VPS hosting is better than shared hosting. Site speed is also better than shared hosting. Your site will consume more resources from VPS server. As a result, you might expect that the cost of VPS hosting slightly more than shared hosting. The average price of VPS hosting you have to pay is $20 to $60 per month which is safer and considerably more reliable option which keeps your site separate from the others though you are enjoying an affordable price.

Cheap VPS of InterServer

InterServer Coupon Code: 1cent

Use the coupon code (1cent) to enjoy the amazing offer for the first month at only $0.01 from one of the most reliable, affordable and trustworthy web hosting company InterServer. The biggest web hosting company has shared the coupon code with their publisher like me. If you would like to give them a try, feel free to visit their official website by clicking the banner below.

You can test their service for 30 days with just $0.01 by using the coupon code I’ve shared with you. You can host the unlimited websites on the VPS hosting. Server uptime is always 99.99% and website loading speed is also super fast.

Have a look at some points below which you are going to enjoy in the VPS hosting of InterServer.

VPS Hosting Cheap Hosting Interserver Web Hosting

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is equally more powerful and costly than both shared and VPS hosting. Yes, the price is higher, and this is only the downside of this hosting package. There are too many upsides of a dedicated web hosting. You should buy a dedicated web hosting when your site should have outstanding performance, 100% uptime and need to use the highest amount of server resources. Only your site is going to use the whole server when you choose a dedicated hosting plan. The means your site will use the full facilities of the server. That’s why the overall performance, website loading speed, hosting uptime etc. good characteristics is better than shared or VPS hosting. So, we highly recommend dedicated web hosting when your business goal is earnest to establish a better online presence. Since the cost of dedicated web hosting is high, you must choose the best web hosting company to get the best server performance.

What Is WordPress Web Hosting?

Before writing about WordPress hosting, let me first deliver you some basic knowledge of WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). The user interface is pretty much easy to maintain a website. The people who don’t have any programming knowledge such as web designing, web development can also manage his/her website efficiently. Everything is readymade in the frontend interface. But in the backend, the most powerful programming language PHP is used.

So, WordPress web hosting is more powerful web hosting. You have to options to choose a WordPress hosting. One is ‘managed WordPress Hosting’, and another is ‘regular WordPress hosting’. So, now one question is rising in your mind, which one is perfect for you? I’m going now breaking down the thought. If you are new to run your business through your website or you are planning to make a new personal blog for you, then you do not need a managed WordPress Hosting. As a newbie, you can choose regular WordPress hosting that is more affordable for you. On the other hand, if you are running a highly professional business and you are getting a high volume of traffic then I highly recommend you to use managed WordPress hosting.

If you don’t have any technical experiences in how to manage web hosting, then WordPress hosting is a perfect fit for you. In case of you are using VPS, dedicated or shared hosting, you have to manage updates, security, site loading speed, uptime and any other technical issue. So, from the following two options you have to select one. The first way is to hire a system admin expert who will manage your website, and another way is to buy a managed WordPress hosting from a perfect managed WordPress hosting provider.

Godaddy, The Best Web Hosting Company

Godaddy is highly famous for the hosting space. Webmasters and hosting experts treat Godaddy as World’s number 1 domain name registration company. They are providing incredible opportunity to start a website quickly. The price is affordable for any site. The performance of GoDaddy hosting is outstanding for any personal and commercial hosting. The average uptime is excellent, and it tends to 99%. It has both Windows and Linux-based server. We have tested out the customer service several days of the company, and we got an immediate response from their side. Another feature is also dependable.

Shared Web Hosting of Godaddy

Godaddy has both Windows and Linux-based shared hosting. Usually, they are offering a monthly plan of shared hosting. It seems the price is high when you are subscribing to a monthly based plan. But the matter of grate that, when you will purchase some couple of month or a yearly plan the cost will be incredibly low. The price of Godaddy’s Economy Basic Plan is $7.99/month. The good news is that you will get a free domain name and the storage 100 GB is also much better. You are allowed to host one website. There is no limitation on monthly data transfers. They are offering 365 business email from Microsoft, and it’s free.

The Delux plan of Godaddy:

Just increasing the little amount of budget you can enjoy more space, more websites and more flexibility. Here I’m going to make a short list of the Delux plan.

  1. i) Pricing: $10.99/month. Starting Price $4.99/month
  2. ii) For annual registration, the price is only $5.99/month

iii)    Premium DNS management tool

  1. iv) Linux-based server. Processing power is two times the Economy Basic Plan
  2. v) 1 year SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  3. vi) Unlimited Websites

vii)    Unlimited Storage

viii)    Unlimited Subdomains

Ultimate Plan of Godaddy:

Here you are going to enjoy the double power and 2x more memory. If you have a website with sophisticated functionality and you are getting too many traffic on your site this plan is the best fit for you. The starting price is $7.99/month and $16.99/month when you renew. The package contains free SSL certificate of one year. Also, you will get a free premium DNS.

how to choose the web hosting company as godaddy
Available Hosting Plan on Godaddy

Today I will show you a fantastic way to get a FREE website for one month. Godaddy has revealed this opportunity to test their service. It’s 1-month free trial, and NO credit card is required. The means you don’t need any credit card just you need an email address. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I know you are very excited to have a free website with the top branded hosting company Godaddy.

How to Get a One Month Trial Website with Godaddy

Step 1: Go to the Godaddy website by clicking the banner below.

You will be redirected to the official website of Godaddy. Godaddy is offering a one-month free trial to their customer. Like Godaddy, you will discover that almost every company has some promotional offer to welcome their first time customer. That really makes a positive sense about the company because customers have a chance to test them out. If you feel their service is good, you can continue with them. Otherwise, you may leave and look for another best web host provider. Similarly, some web host company has a refund policy. It may be 15, 30 or 60 days money back guarantee. This policy also boosts trust and reliability to the company. In our review article, we must try to find out some best web hosting company who is trustworthy and reliable and cost-effective and we must avoid spammers.

Step 2: Click on Start For Free Button. Select any plan which you like best. All are FREE for the first month.

The best plan from a best web hosting company

Step 3: Create Account with valid info. Sign up GoDaddy account with your best email address. They are a great company with lots of promotional offers. Thus providing them your best email, you have a chance to get the best deal from this best web hosting provider. 

Now your turn is to select a smart business idea. Tell them about your business. If you are not sure which name should your business have you can generate a handsome business idea from Shopify.

Step-4: What does your business do? Choose any idea which you like best. At this step, they would like to know the goal of your business. After setting the goal, they will provide you some best templates which are the best suit for your business.

Step-5: Congrats! You’ve got a ready-made website. You can change theme or design of your website. You can add a new web page. For example: Create an ‘About’ page, write about yourself, add your photo and many more! You can change the full website as GoDaddy provides the best website builder tool than any other company out there.

Step 6: Click on Publish button. You are going to publish your website online at this step. 

Step 7: Click on View Site Button. Now you will get your newly created dreamy website 🙂

Feel free to share your website name with your friends and family. Oh! Don’t forget to recommend your friends to visit this help/tutorial post and they will also follow this guideline to create their new website.

You can view your website now. You will notice that an auto-generated website name has. The system generates the name according to your business name. You can change your business website name at any time by clicking on change domain option. After one month free trial you have to renew your website to keep it live. Otherwise, both the site and your hard work with it will be down.

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