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One Dollar Web hosting at GoDaddy with FREE Domain

Before start writing this review article, I would like to say a success story of my friend. He is Mizanur Rahman a web designer as well as a web developer. He was looking for an affordable and budget web hosting to store his all the projects online. I recommended him to try GoDaddy $1 per month web hosting with a FREE domain. He signed up for this amazing affordable hosting plan. Now he is so happy with GoDaddy $1 hosting plan.

We don’t blindly recommend any product or service to the valued reader of our website. Just for the testing purpose, we have 3 of our clients have purchased this hosting plan. After 3 months, we have requested our clients to write their honest reviews about GoDaddy hosting. Fortunately, all of them are more than satisfied with the affordable cheap hosting plan. Please feel free to read the following testimonial from one of our clients.

GoDaddy Review by Mizanur Rahman

I was looking for an affordable web hosting. I’m a web developer. I’ve many projects. I wished to upload them online because often my clients are interested to review my portfolio before hiring me. I’ve heard about GoDaddy $1 hosting plan with a FREE domain name. I’ve purchased this cheap hosting plan only for $1 per month. I would like to say “Thank You” to GoDaddy for providing this kind of affordable, cheap but high-quality hosting. I’m happy with their bandwidth, super fast page loading speed.

Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman


Web hosting is required to grow your business worldwide by building a website. A website is a very crucial part of the business nowadays. A website represents your whole project in front of the world and helps you to reach people. As an entrepreneur, when you start a new business or project, you need to make it available to your customers. But how?

one dollar web hosting

The solution is to make your business available to all, you have to make a website which will contain details about your company, project, programs, and products.

Now, there is another question. How much does it cost to build a website? Can I afford the cost? Can I handle the website easily?

Wait, I am answering your questions. Here is a great and exciting offer for you. Building a website will not demand much cost from you. You can easily afford the cost. As a beginner, I know you do have this hesitation. But don’t worry. GoDaddy, the top web hosting company brings the best deal to you for being an owner of a website.

GoDaddy $1 per month web hosting with a free domain

You will be amazed at hearing that GoDaddy $1 per month web hosting with a free domain is available. Is not it interesting? Yes, it’s. GoDaddy provides web hosting package at $1/month for 1 year. That means you will be charged $12 for a whole year (12 months). I was just surprised about getting this offer. Web hosting at $1 for a month will make it easy for you to build your own website.

You need not any coupon code to get this offer. Just click HERE  and this offer will be automatically available to you.

Why You Need a Web Hosting?

A website is not available online without a web hosting. To make your website visible and available you must have to purchase a web hosting. Web hosting service provides storage facility of your files and connectivity with the internet. It will put your website live on the web. It helps to create your own identity on the world of internet.

As you want to reach other people easily through a website, you do host the website on a web hosting server. Moreover, the web hosting will keep your files and contents of the website safe and secured on the web.

Why Choose GoDaddy One Dollar Web Hosting?

cheap web hosting

We recommend you for GoDaddy web hosting for $1 for some reason. We try to explain all things clear to you. This can help to take the right choice whether to purchase a web hosting at $1 or more. Check out the following points.

  • Get a world-class web hosting package at a very little cost. Spend only one dollar for a month and $12 for a year.
  • GoDaddy hosting offers a global data center which provides faster loading of your web pages.
  • 99% uptime is guaranteed.
  • Excellent award winning customer care support at 24/7/365.
  • Unmetered bandwidth for unlimited websites.
  • 100 GB of data storage space.
  • 1 domain is completely FREE with an annual plan.
  • Easy to manage a website with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • You can install WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal by one click easy setup tools.
  • Easy to use feature cPanel control and access.

So, why getting late?? Is not it time to get a web hosting with a FREE domain at $12 for 12 months?

Why Do We recommend One Dollar Web Hosting from GoDaddy?

You can find web hosting at a cheaper rate from a number of web hosting providers. All of those companies will not perform as well as Godaddy does. GoDaddy becomes one of the top trusted web hosting company. Their service is admirable and customer friendly. They give 24/7 DDoS protection and highly effective security monitoring.

godaddy web hosting

FREE Domain

No other company will offer you a FREE domain with web hosting. But GoDaddy does. You may need to pay a minimum $10 for a domain from any company. Here, you can save this money by getting a FREE domain.

100 GB Storage

100 GB  data storage space is a great gift for you. You can easily run a content and multimedia-rich website. Even you can run a blog website too. This will not make your website down.  Other companies can tell you indefinitely high storage space. But GoDaddy defines the storage quantity. It will not notify you after using just a 10-12 GB like other companies.

Cpanel Access

Cpanel, shortly used for the control panel. Generally, a hosting company provides this tool for website management to their users. Cpanel allows a website owner to manage the website from the direct server. Through Cpanel, you can handle your files, media, FTP, email management, and backups. But it demands a cost some time. You may get it freehigh-costh cost web hosting.

GoDaddy offers Cpanel control free with $1 web hosting package. You need not pay for this.

Unlimited Bandwith

Although in a shared hosting, Bandwidth may sometimes fall down. For this reason, GoDaddy provides unmetered bandwidth for you. This feature makes your website not falling down. This is helpful for the website become available all the time.


We try to understand you about the good and bad of $1 web hosting service from GoDaddy. We think this discussion may help you taking right decision as well as the choice whether to purchase a web hosting for you or not. We are not forcing you. We can just recommend you for your better understanding. As a starter, you should take a minimum risk for your business and project. For this, we have tried to bring something helpful information to you. You definitely can purchase this web hosting without hesitation and fear of loss.

Build a better website in under an hour. Start for free at GoDaddy!

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