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Beauty Secret for Girls

Beauty tricks, we all have. But are we very sure they are good? We try to get back into the right way with 11 make-up and loose care stuff. Attention, for those who would be lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these easy tips could become your minimum vital. For those who know them already, bravo (you could have told us, anyway). For others, these beauty tips will impress you.


  1. Apply care from the bottom up

Yes, my beauty queen, when applying moisturizer, it is best to avoid pushing the face down (it already does very well on its own). It is a question of weightlessness. Then one starts from the neck to go up to the front, and from the center of the face up the cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed. A small step for us, a big step to defy the laws of gravity. And of course, before applying his care, one chooses it well.

  1. Leave face moisturizer away from the eye contour

When spreading, care is taken to avoid the area surrounding the eye. Why? Because our hydrating care is too heavy in water for this zone so fragile. The contour skin is so fine that it absorbs everything, too. And who says too much water, says skin that swells, says appearance of pockets. It is for this reason that there are care specifically tailored to this area (no, it is not THAT of marketing).

  1. Clean, sweep, polish

beauty care

To be able to pretend to a fresh complexion and to leave on good bases, before the box hydration, one does not forget especially the cleaning morning and evening. The choice of the editor? The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua-Moisturizing Cleansing Gel, which cleanses the skin gently by removing impurities, traces of make-up and excess sebum, quenches the skin and boosts its hydration thanks to its formula enriched with moisturizing and acidic agent Hyaluronic acid. Rinse and then finish with a little hot water to remove the traces of limestone (ugly tap water!), And the trick is played, the skin breathes, it is ready for care and makeup.

  1. To avoid dark circles, consider blood circulation

One agrees, one is used to apply its care contour of the eye massaging the eyes from the inside out (no?). But serious error, if one wants to be effective on a ring or a pocket morning, it is better to respect the lymphatic paths. Indeed, these ugly problems are the result of poor blood circulation, and not following the correct path to stimulate the energy of the eye area is more or less to stir from the wind. And we, overworked women, really do not need that. Now, with the pulp of the index finger, a mini-drainage is performed by gently massaging the skin by small pressures in circular movements (and not by stretching to not wrinkle and to add wrinkles), a dozen times of the External corner to the inner corner of the eye. Then we do the same thing all around the orbit.

  1. Another beauty tip? Apply your foundation with your hands

Fluid foundation or tinted cream, same combat: fire the brushes, we go with the fingers. Why ? Because the hands are “heating” and allow the molecules of the product to function between them. The material is ideally warmed up, resulting it melts better on the skin and the effect is much more natural. Of course, you do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

beauty care face

  1. Add a drop of serum to the foundation

Foundation always, to fluidify it, give it a more natural look and give us a nice look at the passage, we add a drop of serum in the palm of his hand before applying. Adieu the plaster effect of dadame ultra makeup. It’s Tom Pecheux (make-up artist and artistic director make-up Estée Lauder, ed.) Who whispered to us at the turn of a parade backstage.

Tom Pecheux © Pixel Formula: When you are tired, you avoid trying to hide it by going free on the foundation. This only mummifies the face even more. Then the game is calmed by applying a drop of fluid foundation only on the axis of the face (we create a vertical line from the front to the chin) before stretching the whole out.

  1. Apply the concealer properly:

Go soft. Because concealer, it is more an illuminator of the look than a real tool of camouflage. It plays with light to create a kind of optical effect but its power is limited. When you really have two dark circles under your eyes, it’s better to go to sleep. The antic erne will do nothing. And to put it, you tap with your finger to avoid having a big trace and new folds under the eye. It is applied “in triangle” starting in small

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